Vs. Rental Units

Vs. Rental Units

There are lots of machines on the market that you can rent. Undoubtedly, you have seen brightly colored units at local retailers for low daily rates. These companies have become quite good at pricing, promotion, and placement. But, we aren’t comparing apples to apples here. Rented units don’t even come close to the extraction power of our truck mounted machinery. Their shampoos clean the surface.


  • High temperature solutions loosen dirt from carpet fibers. High powered extraction (suction) pulls the dirt into professional grade tanks outside your home. Your carpet receives a deep clean versus a surface clean and is left drier than with rented units.
  • Pick your package. You book you appointment at a convenient time. Let our courteous, professional, carpet cleaning technicians into the premises. We clean your carpets.


  • They put down lots of water. But without professional grade extraction, embedded dirt, allergens, and irritants remain in your carpet and resurface once it finally dries and traffic returns.
  • You go to the store. Stand in line. Wait for the manager or clerk authorized to rent you the unit. Pay a deposit. Pay for costly chemicals. Carry a heavy, somewhat dirty unit to your clean vehicle. Drive home. Unload the unit. Add water and chemicals. Vacuum your floors. Shampoo your floors. Extract the water. Empty the disgusting tanks of filth. Add clean water. REPEAT the entire cleaning process. Clean the unit and return it to the store before you are charged for an additional day. Wait in line for a returned unit inspection by the one person on duty that authorized to check the unit back in. WHEW!